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To continue expanding our On-Line Community - Heavy Metal Auctions has introduced the Heavy Metal Auctions Advanced Referral Program.

Now you can Refer New Members to Heavy Metal Auctions and Receive a Bonus Credit of 1.00 USD (Not for Item Purchases) but for each Referred New Member who Registers on Heavy Metal Auctions. Heavy Metal Auctions has more ways to keep your Account Balance above Zero. Whenever a New Member Registers, He / She can select Your User Name from the Referrers List in the Heavy Metal Auctions Registration Page.

You can also use Your Personalized Referral Link in an E-Mail Message or Your Personalized Referral Logo in a Web Site and Your Referee will be assigned to you Automatically on Registration.

Once Your Referee has finished the Registration process and Activated His / Her Account - you will be able to Approve His / Her claim to this Bonus Credit.

You (the Referrer) and the Referee - BOTH - will receive the Bonus Credit in Addition to Your Existing Credit. The more Referrals you make the more Bonuses you will Receive. If you are a 100% Preferred Seller (Free Seller) you can still make and Approve Referrals for the others who you know. Heavy Metal Auctions's Current Available Referral Methods and Pay-Outs
Global Referrer Credit: 1.00 (USD) Bonus Credits
Global Referee Credit: 1.00 (USD) Bonus Credits
Referrer Credit Upon Referee Store Opening:1.00 (USD) Bonus Credits Heavy Metal Auctions also pays you Referral Credit Commissions for End of Auction Fees (EAF) when your Referred Seller makes a Sale.
The more people you Refer and the more they Sell the more Referral Credit Commissions you make. Heavy Metal Auctions's Current Referral Commission Rates for End of Auction Fees (EAF)
Non-Category Specific End of Auction Fee Tier from $0.01 to $6.00 1.00% of EAF*
Non-Category Specific End of Auction Fee Tier from $6.01 to $9.99 1.00% of EAF*
Non-Category Specific End of Auction Fee Tier from $10.00 to $99999999999.00 1.00% of EAF*
* EAF = End of Auction Fee

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