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METALPEER.COM started off as a what if type of thing. You know how metalheads sit around and come up with the what if's? What if Tony Iommi and King Diamond recorded together? Well, that's what happened! I was sitting on a friends steps in front of his house and he looked at me and said 'What if there were an auction site that only sold heavy metal related items?' That what if layed in the back of my mind for a few months. I remember my friend telling me that the big auction sites fees were killing his bottom line and they were not being fair when it came to sellers not able to leave a negative feedback against a buyer any longer. I knew what he was talking about because I had just recently gotten a negative feedback from a buyer because his cd case was cracked during mail transit and it wasn't a thing I could do as a seller, except get mad.

I already had a nice career and didn't really need any extra income, but the thought of having a heavy metal auction website was awesome, even if it never turned a profit! The idea kept creeping into my daily thoughts as I would try and get through my normal day at work. I couldn't stay focused on anything, I just kept thinking about an auction site that only sold heavy metal stuff. If it's got anything to do with keeping the spirit of heavy metal alive, I am all for it!

I had to do it I told myself! Luckily I had the experience with websites, servers, domains and all that stuff, so I was ready to go. I registered our domain name and deep into the editor I went. I would work on the site as much as time allowed. I looked into how much it would cost to run and decided to keep the fees as low as I could for the seller and supplement operation fees with memberships and heavy metal ad revenue. I believe if a seller has low fees, he/she can sell their product at a lower price. I also believe if the buyer deserves a negative feedback from the seller, let it be done! This is what we all came up on and what's right is right! In order for anything to be fair in this world, the playing field has to be fair. I can guarantee you that at the playing field will always be fair!

If you're here, reading this web site, there has got to be some metal flowing through your viens or you wouldn't be here! If you look up the word peer in any dictionary, it'll give you a definition of - one that is of equal standing with another : equal; especially : one belonging to the same societal group especially based on age, grade, or status.

So from the staff here at Metalpeer, we're all in this together!

We welcome you to

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